Commercial inspection couse ORLANDO FL May

Hi to all,

I will be running a 2 day Commercial Inspection course in Orlando in mid May the tentative dates are Fri/Sat 16th-17th May, I’ll post more details when the location has been confirmed.

Inspectors who are interested should contact me directly at



I’ll send Dale, Gerry.

Hi Brian,

thanks mate, I knew you’d help :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :wink:

too funny



I’m contemplating on flying down to the Sunshine state, soon.

I could use some commercial training and the damn cold weather here won’t leave us alone.

Hi Dave,

I’d love to see you down here, it’s been a while since we had a cold one together, actually a few out of state guys have emailed me wanting to attend.

BTW I am planning this for a thursday/friday so people traveling can get some relaxation in.



I’d love to…overnight my flight tickets please.

I knew there’d be a catch :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Click here for your reservation :wink:

You may need a jacket :shock:



Hi Gerry!

Can you do the course in Canada? Toronto maybe? the summer of course so nobody freezes their a$s!!:smiley:


You mean I have to freeze in order to attend your course?

And I thought you were my BUD!!!

Hey, Gerry:
I’ll spread the word, but it would be a priviledge to have you host your seminar in Los Angeles. If the timings right, I’ve got season tickets to Galaxy, so we could take in a soccer match and enjoy a pint or two. You might even get to drive my 1967 XKE.


Now I’m really jealous!!

Wait, you have Galaxy tickets and a 1967 XKE :stuck_out_tongue: hehehe

Nice airplace seats Gerry, looks like it would be … an interesting flight.

Hi Mario,

I could look at doing that, what day is summer up there this year?? :wink:

I thought Joe F had just done a class in Toronto??



Hi Keith,

Deal mate :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

For those in California who are interested Keith is looking at a venue to do a course in L.A. in June.



Yeah sorry about that, but you’ll warm up once your here :mrgreen: :mrgreen:



Cheers, Gerry. Wish I could promise free soccer tickets and beer to everyone, and particularly to Mario in the frozen north, but LA’s getting too outrageous. At the opening game of the season, we did get free tee-shirts, but the beer was $8.00 per plastic cup. Needless to say, I had one.

I’m very interested. I also need a vacation. It’s not to bad a drive from Mobile, Alabama.

Jerome Cartier
Cartier Fine Home Inspections, LLC

Hi Gerry!!

That’s funny! The weather is getting better, for example today it’s sunny and 39F WOW!

Joe did an excellent commercial course. If your course is different, one can’t have too much knowledge!

Hi Mario,

I believe my course is quite a bit different, I don’t spend too much time going through the ASTM standard, as I think that it’s application is fairly straight forward (or it is in my business). I deal more with the practicle side of marketing and performing commcial inspections, plus I cover the ADA issues and commercial building systems.

See the attached .pdf