Free 3-day Commercial Inspection course being taught by ITA. Who is interested?

I have arranged for ITA to teach a 3-day Commercial Inspection course for us here in Denver, Colorado at the ITA shool. The Denver Airport is a hub and is easy and inexpensive to fly into. The 3-day course is free for NACHI members and not open at all to non-members.

I need to know if anyone will come. Please post here if interested. If I get enough interest I will book the class for this February.

Great opportunity Nick, for folks interested in Commercial Inspections.

Folks should be jumping all over this offer…!!

Dale, will you come (assuming it is during a time when you can come)?

All things being equal, (And time permitting) I’d be interested.

Yes I will Nick…could probably learn a thing or two, surely I don’t know it all.

Doing commercial inspections, the biggest problem is finding a good financial consultant to invest the large sums of money which are aquired…:smiley:

The course is regularly offered by ITA for $699 but we get it for FREE.

If I get a few more interested parties who would like to take this $699 course for free I will book it.


I would love to attend the course.

I would make it.

Thank you

Depends on the when. Weekday? Weekend? What month?

Also, I am assuming that a 3 day ITA course will be VERY in depth and hit some advanced topics…would that be accurate?

Depending on the time frame, I would have interest.

Yes, we consider a 3-day Commercial Inspection course to be an advanced education offering.

Would most prefer 3 week days or a weekend?

Thank you I’ll attend.

I would be interested.

OK then. I ordered the course.

Now we have to decide when. What days would be best… week days or weekend?

Weekend would be best for me…thanks!

either way for me

Count on me !!!

Seriously thinking about it. Flights out of Toronto around $450 return trip, depending on dates. Could you tell us where it be taught and how far it is from the airport? Hotels near by? Already have a passport ready to go.
Permission received from wife.

A simular course up here is in the $2000.00 range.

Lets GO GO GO…

Robert… I’ll pick you up and put you up.

An offer I can’t refuse…say when and where…

Wife is looking forward to the peace and quiet…

Just say the word Nick…

Wife is already planning my departure…to Denver that is…

Sign me up!