Commercial Inspection of a Medical Facility, Fort Pierce.

Client needs a Commercial inspection of a medical facilty in Ft. Pierce. Looking for an inspector with experience inspecting medical facilities. Property is a longterm care facilitiy in a deteriorated state.

Freudian slip??? :wink:

It’s a commercial building inspection. Do they want the medical equipment inspected?

The medical equipment is gone for the most part. They want answers about suitability, code requirements, ect…

Big concern is that the facility may have had issues prior to closing and going through foreclosure. Before they buy it and their bank loans them the money, they want to know what it going to take to bring it up to operational level.

Got it! Yes, the building needs longterm care aswell. :smiley:

Commercial Building Inspections are performed slightly different (in cases like this) Then your normal Home Inspection. Give me a call tomorrow if you can and I will give you some tips.

You are going to need a good inspection crew.

Besides inspecting the condition of the Building, you will need to answer the question of whether or not it is feasible to bring back into operation as a hospital.
Remember, after so much renovation and work need to make it operational, you may have to bring it up to the most recent codes.

Health care building is an animal of a different color. I know, I built a Womens Pavilion, MRI Suite, Emergency Care and Endoscopy Suite.

Needless to say, it has its own few pages in the NEC to boot.
This sounds like a job for design Professionals. :slight_smile:

And to be licensed as a health care facility, the requirements are completely different in Florida than for any other commercial building. The Agency for Healthcare Administration (AHCA) makes codes that are above and beyond building code, plus ADA requirements…