Commercial 4 point form

Is the Citizens 4 point inspection form only for residential or can it be used for commercial. I have never done a commercial inspection before and I am not intimidated by the inspection itself but rather that I document properly. Also any opinions on the price, obviously I would think that a commercial property would be 10-25% higher than a residential. Any insight is appreciated.

4 Points are for residential only.
Most of the commercial properties I’ve done are charged .12 - .18 cents per square foot. And depending on the type of commercial building and components; I’ve hired out the electrical, plumbing and AC portions of the inspection. Defiantly do your research!
Internachi provides a couple sample inspections under commercial to give you some ideas on how things are documented. It’s can be a whole different ballgame depending on the use of the property.

Thank you Jeremy, the weird thing is, the insurance agent for the buyer is requesting a 4 point inspection. I thought the same thing, that the 4-point was residential. Not sure how I want to proceed with this.

Yeah, I would want some clarification. They may only want the main components checked - maybe that’s why they’re requesting a “4 Point”. Good luck!

I’ve done the same thing once ona commercial property. I called and confirmed with the insurance broker and did it. Small Garage business nothing unusual.

5 years and I’ve done 1 like this and I like you questioned it.