Commercial inspection prices

Hello everyone. Ive been completing numerous commercial inspections so far this year. ( retook the cdw commercial course this past November and have been marketing for this)
Does anyone have a pricing guide for these inspections?
Im in Vancouver BC Canada


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I would include a back-of-the-napkin guess on how many hours you think the project will take divided into the price quoted to see if that equals a smiley or frowny face. This method has never failed to help me better understand what it is I was endeavoring.

Thanks. I understand that there are numerous factors that determine pricing. Ideally we try to answer with a quote by end of day. We have lost business with this strategy as well.


Again, I recommend you move this to the Members Only section.
I removed my first post, and will remove this one in a short while.
IMO, this info is not for public or non-Nachi inspectors consumption.

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