Commercial Inspection Question

I have been receiving some commercial requests and as I feel fairly comfortable with doing them I was wondering if you guys arrange to bring along licensed contractors to asses the mechanicals , elect. plumb. AC. ? I just feel it would better serve the client as well as keep me out of trouble. What say you :slight_smile: I also may pass them on if they are over my head, anyone interested ??

Depending on the size of the commercial and what its use is I will bring in a HVAC guy. Electrician gets a call when there is a huge electrical system. Last week was 40,000 sq ft with 1200 amp 3 phase electrical with over 40 sub panels and 16 heat pumps.

Commercial inspections I love them!! No emotion black and white!!


In Orange County and LA County is just a short trip.

I always have licensed contractors to assist with a commercial property assesment as it helps me include cost to cure bids along with the report.