Commercial inspection software recommendations

Software recommendations for commercial inspections.

I recently completed the Commercial Property Inspection Prerequisite Couse. At the end of the course, Home Inspector Pro was the recommended software as it includes a template for the Commercial Standards of Practice. As the book for this course was last revised in 2018, I was wondering if this is still the best program to use or if there were any recommendations for something better.

I plan on signing up with CCPIA and would like to be using the software most recommended while I’m going through their available training. Any recommendations on inspection software for commercial properties would be appreciated. Software recommendations for residential properties are not needed at this time - but thanks anyway.

Some provide both and are highly customizable. I use Home Gauge for both. Hopefully, you will find a plethora of recommendations.

Thanks. I also use home gauge for residential inspections. I would like to get into doing commercial inspections next year, but not sure what the best software is for this purpose. I also don’t have the time to test different programs out and willing to switch based on current users recommendations.

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You might be better off sticking with what you know. When you go to select a template for residential, do you see a commercial section as well? That may get you started.

In commercial, each building or property is very unique and I can seldom use the exact template for each one. For example, a business office and a warehouse are completely different.

So, I have a basic template which has much of the canned information, limitations etc which never changes. But the interior of the report and sections are modified regularly.

This is why I say you will receive a lot of recommendations for there is no “real” commercial template. We do about 30-40 a year and it works for us. But, do your due diligence and best of luck!

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Currently, there is NO dedicated Commercial Report Software that I am aware of.
I and others have posted about this subject as recently as a few months ago.
Do a search for those threads on the MB search feature.

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Same here.

I suggest using the ‘by systems’ template for whatever software you are currently using and add to that in the same format as your current software as needed.

I looked at several for commercial AND ended up taking my residential HomeGauge template and modifying it. Works great

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What I’m really wanting is a paper checklist for in the field with commercial, SO when I’m on a bldg like this past month … 1867 3-story … That I can assign one guy the elec / another guy the plmbg / someone else the roof OR hvac … Then when they’re done I take their checklists, pics and go home to review it to see what I wanta say AND what I wanta leave off

I make one up before a project if needed. I find it really useful for hotels and apartment complexes when you have a large room sample. A place for PTACS or air handlers, water heaters, electrical panels then small spaces for notes about ceilings, walls, etc.