Commercial Reporting Software

I am in the process of buying new software and looking at everyone, I especially need commercial. Can you all share with me what you use? Do you take a lap top of site?


Hi Melissa…Home Inspector Pro is the most customizable there is.

You can instantly copy sections and rename them plus add hundreds of pictures.(way faster than any other software)

If you think about it ,the above mentioned is exactly what you need for a commercial inspection report.

Dominic Maricic also has the best support out there.
Click my software link below and see how fast he responds.

Also try Homegauge V4. It includes a commercial template with an additional add-on option if desired. Take a look here:

Thank you Robert for your suggestions.


No problem.
As far as taking a laptop on site goes, that is a matter of personal opinion.

I find it distracts me to much to do a good job.

I have bought a digital camera that has a touch screen which allows me to write directly onto pictures for my notes.

Ditto. No modifications needed.

Mr. Elliott i have yet to see such a camera could you possibly give me a name and model Thank you for your time

See this thread Terry.

Linus Hip has commercial templates also , but I find @ inspection is different.

If you call a residential 12 unit building you want the capability to add bathrooms and bedrooms at will.

You simply copy each section you want as many times as you want though you could save 100"s of versions if thats what you prefer , but to each their own.

InspectVue has a nice commercial report generator too.

Thanks Bob.