Commercial software advice

I’m looking for suggestions for a good commercial software provider. I currently use Home Hub Zone for home inspections. I have an 80 Residential apartment complex coming up and would like to see if there is anything that geared for this type of application. Any suggestions will be greatly apricated.

Ken Phillips
CDP Home Inspections

I created my own commercial template in HIP based on the InterNACHI commercial SOP.

So did I…

The difference between “Professional Inspection Software” and “It’ll get ya by” inspection applications… the ability to create damned near any type of report you need for your business!!

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Make sure you follow the right standard for commercial properties. Lenders typically require ASTM E2018-15. It would suck if you gave your client a non-ASTM report, and their lender said “hey we need an ASTM report, go pay for another report.”

Same here, using HIP, created my own residential and commercial templates. I think you will find this is easier than trying to follow someone else’s. Same as building a narrative library for your reports.

Why don’t you use your residential for this project? I have a 60 unit this week and I will be using my residential for it.

I agree, will make sure I’m following the standard. Thank you for the reminder.

In Florida there is no license needed for commercial inspections.

I also used HIP to creat my commercial template

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