Commercial Inspection

Need some assistance with this. Have done 4 plexs etc. but nothing like this one.
I have been asked to quote on a 17 unit motel that is 26 years old and has a flat built up gravel roof. Central heating unit and air conditioners in each unit.
Total square footage is 6,700sq.ft.
They are basically looking for electrical, roof and mechanical for insurance purposes.
Question is, how do I charge for this? Square footage, unit or by time?
I will be using a homeguage template for this and have been in touch with Russell on the software.
Also, should I look a bringing in HVAC tech and electrician? Have both at my disposal.


If people are uncomforable with helping me in pricing on the open board, please contact me at
I can do either a 4 point style inspection or an indepth unit by unit inspection.
I’m just looking for guidelines.
Any help on this as always, would be appreciated.

What does the client require of you is the first question that needs to be answered.
I always ask what are their expectations and go from there.

I’ve had clients askk for parking space documentation and was there enough lighting in the general public areas.

He only needs the electrical mechanical and roof inspection for the bank. It sounds pretty straight forward and a 4 point syle inspection is all thats required. Shouldn’t take more then a day to complete for him.
I was looking at .20 cents/sq.ft for a cost of $1300 but that seemed high for what he was looking for. This is why I was looking for info. I’m comfortable with doing the inspection but pricing seems out of line. However, want o keep with industry standards and not lowball pricing.

HI Allan.
How many full inspections would you complete in the same time it is going to take to do this one? One way of arriving at a price would be to do a time comparison and then add $$ for other areas of liability and any subcontractors that you might bring to the job. To me, the most important thing is that YOU are happy with the price and end up feeling that you were paid fairly for your time and responsibility.

Not much help huh? :mrgreen:

Hi George,
I did pretty well as you suggested for this one and it was in the ball park. Unfortunatley, the buyer went out and got another inspector to do it. However, talking with the realtor involved with this, my price was in line.
I do want to thank those that helped. Once again it proves being a NACHI member is positive.