Commercial Inspections in Florida - Towers Collapse

I know that I maybe opening up a big issue with this topic on the heels of the Champlain Towers Condo collapsed, but it seems to me that there will be the rush for a review of all commercial inspections and new laws or regulations … probably both; coming into Florida over this tragedy. For those that are InterNACHI certified commercial inspectors I would like to get your take on this matter.

The current law in Florida states that the building of certain occupancy levels have to under go a 40 year inspection cycle. This building was under going this inspection process when it collapsed. At this time no one knows why it collapsed and I’m not going to speculate here. But I can’t help but wonder why inspections of this nature are set at 40 years apart. It seems to me with the soil conditions, salt air, hurricanes, and many other factors that this should have been a much lower threshold… perhaps at 5 or 10 years.

Do any of you see InterNACHI being a part of this review process on a commercial level when state regulators tackle this issue in Tallahassee once the matter comes to a formal process for discussion?

What role can InterNACHI play to help with new regulations, and becoming more of an active player in commercial inspections in Florida in light of what has happened?

R.Bronson CPI

Oh hell no!
And as a ‘Building Inspector’, I wouldn’t go near this with a 40ft pole unless I had the necessary credentials in engineering or other!

Note: I was actually thinking about this accident this morning, and was wondering how many FL inspectors have performed inspections for clients in this building? Has anyone already gone through their files to see if they made mention of any defects that may help the inspecting authorities in their quest for what happened? Or does nobody want to ‘get involved’ out of fear of being sued?


I doubt that they use home inspectors for the 40 year certification. More than likely it is an engineer.


Not an AHJ credential but a huge target for the legal profession. Licensed engineers will be leery of conclusion jumping on this one until a bona fide bag-holder is confirmed.

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That is a good idea. I am sure there are many “racked doors and windows, etc in these HI reports”

Apparently this building has been sinking for some time (3mm a year) and they knew it. There was also a previous recent lawsuit from a tenant involving related issues. I do not think it is as big of a mystery as they make it out to be. Pure negligence in my opinion.

ICC has already sent out their “We are great and not to be criticized” email to all the members.


Thanks @rkenney , I knew someone had to have eye’s on this at some point!!

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