Commercial inspector for a condo buyer needed in Massachusettes.

On 7/26/09 1:15 PM, Nancy wrote:
> I am thinking of purchasing a condo in or near Boston, preferably in a high-rise or other large building because of the amenities they offer. However, I’m wary of buying into a a large, aging building that might need significant upgrades (e.g. a new HVAC system, new plumbing or electrical upgrades, expensive structural repairs, etc). In some Boston buildlings, individual condo owners have had special assessments of $100,000 or more to cover these types of expenses. This would be a financial disaster for me.
> Clearly a potential buyer would need to inspect the condo documents to ensure the condo association is planning and budgeting for inevitable maintenance expenses. In addition, as a potential buyer I would want to hire a home inspector with knowledge and experience related to the physical structure and mechanical systems in large buildings, which is obviously very different than in single family homes or smaller townhouse buildings.
> How can a potential home buyer find an inspector who specializes in large buildings?
> Thank you,
> Nancy Clark
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> Lincoln, MA 01773
> 781-259-1762

Boston is my backyard.

Please give me a call. I can answer any questions you may have regarding commercial property in Boston.

My direct line is 978-423-2313.

David, call her.


I did.

Her questions are all answered.