how to find inspector specializing in large buildings?

As a potential buyer of a condo in a large high-rise building in Boston, I would want to hire a home inspector to inspect the building’s physical structure, electrical, plumbing, and mechanical systems. I expect this would be very different than inspecting single family homes or smaller townhouse buildings.

How can a potential home buyer find an inspector with special knowledge and experience with large buildings? Would this type of inspction be much more expensive than a single family home inspection?

Thank you.

No… it probably would be alittle less since certain things are considered common areas of the building. However, that all depends on the inspector you talk to.

Follow this link and interview a few inspectors in your area. They’ll give you all the details.

What you want is a reserve study.
This is basically a commercial inspection

Thanks for your replies. My main question is how to find the right kind of professional who can inspect the “common areas” in a large building. As a potential condo buyer, I need to know whether the building structure, mechanical systems, electrical, plumbing, etc, are in good condition, or if they need any costly upgrades that could result in huge special assessments for every condo owner.

In hiring a commercial building inspector, what qualifications should I look for? How much should it cost?

Thank you.

Lots of wrong info in this thread!

The cost to inspect a high rise would be quite high and would depend on the level of details wanted. A reserve study would be above and beyond the inspection but would use some of the data from the inspection. Access to the owners financial records pertaining to the maintenance would also be needed for a reserve study. A reseve study is usually way more difficult on complexes with several 1-2 level buildings but it requires a very complex report if done right.

The guest was asking about a regular inspection which would require access to equipment rooms, chases, roof accesses and a certain number of residential units and so forth. Since most of this is locked up, access would have to be available and usually a $100/hr waiting fee if the key is “on the way”.

The best way to inspect a building that big ( I assume over 10 stories) is to have several inspectors working on it. It could take several days for one inspector. I would guess the cost to be over $3,000 just to do the basics. If other contractors were needed for the roof etc the cost would go up from there.

I’m afraid you will find that what you are asking for is beyond the means of most home buyers. A typical condo inspection does not include those items. I’d suggest making a list of your concerns, and then calling some inspectors in your area and ask them about them. For a list of InterNACHI inspectors, go to and key in the zip code of the condo. If the inspector is qualified to take this on, he will have some questions for you as well, so be prepared with the building info, your wants, and your budget…

Which info is wrong and are you confident in predicting another Inspectors price ?

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