Help...with commercial Inspection

I was contacted by a real estate agent to inspect a commercial building.

The inspection will require structural engineer to sign off on the building. The building is worth 3 million+. I am looking for a inspector with structural engineering to help with this inspection. It sounds like they are willing to pay several thousand dollars for the inspection.

I do not have the commercial experience, however would be willing to work with a commercial inspector on this deal. The inspection will not be for 2 weeks, however I would like to start putting this deal together soon.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Please contact me directly if you have have the qualifications and interested in the Job. The building is located in the Guelph - Kitchener Ontario area.

Thanks for your help

I wish I could help but I am not an engineer. I would recommend you line up an engineer, and an electrician and HVAC guy if needed to join you on the inspection with you calling the shots. Take their fees and add in what you need to make from the job and that is what you would use for your estimate. Then you use the reports from the subject matter experts to attach to yours and give that to your client. Don’t forget to do a records check if time permits to see if there are any past or unresolved issues with the property such as environmental, code compliance, occupancy, etc.
Good Luck.


You really need to bone up on your sales and marketing skills if that’s all you can get for a 3M dollar buidling. Even one niche area expert gets that much to evaluate a building of that value.

Use this consultant contract:


Perhaps this isnt the best one to cut your teeth on.

You need to survey the structure/grounds with the client to understand what he/she needs, assemble a team, and price the job accordingly.

HVAC, Electrician, PE. These seem like the minimum team members you are going to need to bring.

If you carry E&O, make sure your insurance covers commercial endeavors.

Too bad you missed the class I had up in Ontario.

Do you have any others scheduled?

Thanks for all the feed-back Guys. Joe if you are planning another course in Ontario, please contact me.

How about NY?