Commercial Inspector Link Exchange

Hi Everyone,

Anyone who does Commercial Inspections and would like me to add you to my website links please email me directly with your information, Your name, Company name, Service area, Phone number, and Website…I want more than just a website link so please send me all the items listed above.

Even if I already have you linked for home inspections, if you do Commercial Inspections also, I’m making a new page, so I need your information again. I don’t have the time to look through all the links I have now to figure out who does what where.

I want to list these links state by state




I guess there are only 8 people who go to the message board that do commercial inspections…wow…!!..that’s the response I received so far, or not many folks like me, something is wrong----:D----:smiley:

Nick sure wasted a lot of money on commercial inspection “this and that’s” if this is all the inspectors who do commercial inspections and visit the message board----:D----:smiley:

Fear not Dale, I will soon. :slight_smile:

You got mail.:smiley:

I’m all in

The “Deadmans Hand”, interesting Barry.

I just sent you an email Dale with info…please send me info on your company to add into my website also. If anyone would be interested to swap send me a message at i’d be glad to have more filled in, in different States.

Have a great weekend…be safe

10-4 Aram–I will add everyones this weekend, been busy ALL week…!!

Hey Dale the new website URL is The business name is going to be Missouri Home Energy Auditing Services, this is for the additional info that I sent with the email you recieved earlier. Dominic and I are setting up the website tonight and i’ll be working on it this weekend, after i get done with thermal scan and a few inspections on Saturday…

Thanks I’ll chat with you soon.