Still Looking to exchange Links!

Hello all Inspectors,

I am still looking for out of state (outside of Colorado) inspectors to exchange links. This is a sure way to increase your web ratings! Give me a email if your interested. If your not interested you need to get a clue on how to increase your web ratings :mrgreen: :shock:
Serving Colorado

Would love to Greg.

Currently doing a re-launch of mine; should be back up in a few days.


I will link exchange. my info is at the bottom, I will add yours in a little bit here. Anyone one else want to link exchange? Must be outside of cook & Dupage county in Illinois or from another state.

I can’t believe there are not more “takers”! Or is it just me trying to up my web ratings?:eek:

It’s OK Greg. A lot of members don’t understand the good that link exchange, done properly, can do to move their website up in the rankings.

Just keep plugging away at it and you’ll get up there.

I’ll have you up on mine as soon as Roberta sends me the file and I get time to upload it. She’s probably holding off for a day or two as new ones are being added constantly.

Hi Erby,
Thanks for the kind words. But a question on Robertas links, doesn’t that require “a piece of your homepage”? That is what made me not join that link list.


I sent you an email yesterday regarding this. Did you receive it??? I ask because I am out of state right now and using the hotel internet service…sometimes my emails don’t send and I’m none the wiser.


Greg They looked at your site and saw your picture. :twisted:
Just kidding

Hey Greg,

Roberta’s links don’t require location on your home page. Most the members have separate link pages for the out of area inspectors. Check out my “Resource Links” page at My site was originally set up and is hosted by Roberta.

By the way if you add an inspector links page and put me on it, I’ll be happy to add you to mine.



Forget my last post. You’ve got your’s set up OK, you’ll just to have to add the links manually. I did the same thing. You’ve been in my “Resource Links” for sometime now.

Good Luck!

Greg and Ken…I’ve added you…add me to yours!

All others who want added, add me to your website and email me your link…I will then visit your site and if you added mine I will do the same for you!

Hey Harvey,

I’ve added your site to my “Resource Links” page, can you add me to yours?

Where’s the links page on your site?


Thanks Harvey for adding my link to your page, I will be adding your link this evening to my site. I will send you an email as soon as it is done, and where to find it.

Your sites will be added by Saturday. :slight_smile:

Am adding yours. Please add mine. Thanks.
Serving all of NW Washington