Restaurant inspection needed in Superior, Wisconsin. Anyone want this job?

If you want this commercial inspection job, email me at

A little far away for me. But I sure do love doing commercial inspections now. I did a motel and 32 unit apartment complex this week. Maybe some day I can be called Duffy Jr.

I just wish I had more members in the ComInspect Network. It seems I never have a commercial inspector when and where I need one.

Hello, Nick I am working on adding a list of commercial Inspectors to our Minneapolis & St. Paul Chapter Site.

I’m 200 miles away in MN. If no other takers, and they’re open to travel fee’s, shoot me an email @

I sent my application many months ago, possibly last year. Is there a Members List posted anywhere that we can access to verify membership, and to see others in our areas?

No. In a nutshell… there is another commercial inspection association that is trying to “pluck” our membership database, which normally I wouldn’t have a problem with. The problem is that they use ASTM2018 solely. The problem with that standard (other than it is very poorly written and will put our members in a world of hurt) is that technically, they require our members to pay $59 each and every time they want to use it, but members aren’t permitted to publicly point to it in it’s entirety. WTF. The other association won’t (or more accurately "can’t) even publish the standard they use, for consumers to read. Impossible system to defend in court (another reason not to use it), and which derails our project of getting a group commercial inspection E&O policy for our entire network, based on the much better International Standards of Practice for Inspecting Commercial Properties. Our standard is also the basis of our commercial courses, which are already approved by licensed states, which in turn adds to defensibility, etc. Our standard is also already tied into all our legal agreements, documents and software associated with commercial inspections. Also, I market based on our better, international SOP, get contracts based on our international SOP, and I often pre-sell these inspections based on our international SOP. So basically, I’m trying to keep the Network members on one farm, so to speak, for various reasons, as we wind it up. Kind of like herding cats at this stage.

You’re “preaching to the choir” so to speak. I only asked because I never received so much as an “Application received”. I can only **assume **you received it.

Yes, I know. I’m guilty of swinging at home run contracts instead of getting the infrastructure of the Network running perfectly. Good point.

Common Practice to use Standards and or Codes that must be paid for, in many Construction Industries… ICC, ASTM, ASNT, ASME, AWS, API, etc…

As you are not known to market to Realtors in the Residential side of things, will this be different in your Commercial Inspection Venture??

Commercial Realtors drive a lot of that market and it would be a shame if you do not directly market your members there. :shock:

I tried to offer a bid for both MN and WI properties but it appears that the only info is the brand of restaurant which is not sufficient enough to present a bid to do the job. If you would like to email me with more details as I requested in a couple of emails I sent you I would be glad to give an estimate for both.