commercial non-residential winds, can i perform?

The citizens web site and the type 2 and 3 wind mitigation form has to be performed by some accredited proffesions and a “building inspector”. Is a building inspector the same a Florida licensed home inspector?

Second question: Is an apartment complex like one with 10 buildings each with 4 units and 2 stories high a normal residential wind mitigation.

Thanks in advance, this board is so much help

First question is no. Home inspectors can not complete Type II/III mitigation forms.

Second Questions is yes an 1802 form

I am sorry, but this question has been asked time and time again. If you have no idea what your allowed to do, should you be doing ANY of it?

If they would read the form they would know.

it’s amazing how many Hi’s are doing type ii/iii’s and having them rejected by the carrier. I get at least 4 calls month wanting me to sign them after the fact for $50 because they did a 7 story building for $250.