?Commercial or residential

Do anyone here have experience with inspecting commercial properties. Which is better or inspect both?

Coke or Pepsi??


McDonalds or Burger King??


Ford or Chevy??


Typically, there is more money in commercial but fewer of them and you better be on your game with the scope of work, etc.

There is more residential and you need to know your SOP or beyond with that, too.

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Take a look at ASTM E 2018-15 to get some idea of the “standard”. We inspect both but as Larry so aptly put it? You’d better be on your game because if you think missing something on a residential inspection is bad? Wander over to CCPIA and take a look as well.

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A home inspector is required to have personal knowledge of systems inspected, the field skills necessary to collect the data and a technical command of English required to concoct the report. A commercial inspector relies more on hiring systems experts to collect the field data and compile a report, your job is to cobble it all together per the agreed to scope. Obviously different skills and requirements for each.

Hi George,
I do both, as the spread of market is very limited for us to be restricted.
The whether or not definitely depends on your experience and background. I have an Electrical and Mechanical background - qualification as well as construction experience. I conduct Surveys (Inspections) on Game Lodges, Bed and Breakfasts, Hotels, Factories, Restaurants, Multi-dwellings, Flats (apartment), Houses, Sawmills, Fruit packaging / processing plants etc. I also carry out Loss Assessments and Injury evaluations - all for Insurances / Underwriters as well as private.
For me, the basics are the same, and, every day is a school day! I have too much fun and would probably earn twice as much if I chatted less and put my head down more - trouble is I love to help the people I visit, where I can without compromising the purpose of the visit.
Hope this helps.