Commercial Inspection

I’m relatively new to the home inspection business and just been asked to do a commercial inspection. As I don’t know much about inspecting commercial property, I thought I’d ask here. Is there much difference between residential and commercial inspections? Is special certification required (I am in Canada)? Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Go to the commercial section.
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If you understand how a commercial building is constructed, which is much different than residential you shouldn’t have any problems.

Few Examples: Three phase wiring, roof coverings, structural components, etc. etc.

Also look at the nachi commercial sop, that might give you some more insight if you plan on following it. (I don’t, but some folks might)

Define a scope of work between you and your client, the most important aspect of any commercial inspection, so each party is on the same page, and add the scope of work to your inspection agreement.

Thanks for the input. I’ll check out the commercial section. Don’t think I’ll take this one right now. Don’t think I ready.


You might want to think about partnering with someone who has commercial experience so that you get an opportunity to learn and your client receives a proper inspection.

Joe Burkeson is correct. You can take the inspection but hire outside consultants using the Professional Services Contract (between you and your consultants) at

In other words, act as a General Contractor and use qualified subcontractors to do the inspection using

I agree with Nick. Your client gets a better inspection with a lot of specialists and it takes some of the pressure off of you. When I do a commercial inspection I hire specialists to work with me, even though I have a great deal of commercial
inspection experience

I agree

Mr Burkeson is on target. If your new to the industry, invite some experienced help. The commercial market is substantially different from the residential market.