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I am needing some information on commercial and residential thermal imaging. Type of market? I hear this market is booming. Does anyone know about this market.

Dear Billy:

The subject of Thermography as a Business Opportunity has been the subject of a recent Tip of Week at our content-based website, IRINFO.ORG.

Using thermal imaging as an adjunctive tool for home inspections can help an inspector increase inspection accuracy and may serve as a brand differentiator. Depending upon one’s market and the level of service offered, it may be possible to charge a premium for thermal imaging; however, these types of inspections have a high cost of sales and rarely provide any repeat business.

The real money in thermal imaging is in commercial inspections. Infrared inspection services for commercial clients typically bill out at $800 to +$1200 per day. Compared to residential inspections, there is a lower cost of sales and most inspections involve multiple days of work. Best of all, commercial inspections tend to repeat at least annually allowing inspectors to build an ongoing book of business that provides equity in their company.
While there are many applications for thermal imaging in commercial facilities, the most common are infrared inspection of electrical systems and flat roofs.

Although many of you know me as the Director of Infraspection Institute, I am also a principal in Jersey Infrared Consultants, an infrared inspection and consulting firm that I co-founded in 1984. Even in a depressed economy, our firm has been fortunate enough to grow again this year.

Presently, Jersey Infrared Consultants have five full time thermographers each of whom will provide a gross revenue of over $250,000 this year for infrared inspection services. Since April 2013, we have worked generated billable time every single day of the week (weekends included) and expect that this will continue through the end of this year.

I offer the above to share genuine experience with other NACHI members. For those who are willing to invest the time and money in thermal imaging, there is plenty of money to be made. If you are willing to invest in proper training, quality equipment, a solid business plan, and an effective marketing campaign, you can be successful.

As to the future of thermography, the demand for competent, professional thermographers exceeds the supply. This trend is expected to continue for the forseeable future.

Should you require further information on this topic, you are welcome to contact me directly. As always, I and my staff look forward to helping and supporting NACHI members in their thermographic endeavors.

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Thank for sharing. We are working on growing that side of the business here in Central Florida. It would be nice to share experiences tip. If you like to assist us in growing this part our commercial business please feel free to massage me. Thanks once again