Commercial Sub Panel Question

I’ve got a commercial inspection that I am doing next week. Did a site visit today, and have what is probably a basic question.

I know that sub panels should not have more than 6 breakers (throws) in general without having a “main” breaker in them. However there is/are main breakers, and I want to know if it’s ok…

Main Service enters in and is labeled as 800AMP service with a single breaker to shut off power to the whole building.

Right next to this are 12 individual meters, each with an attached “panel” with a single 125A breaker.

Inside the building there are sub-panels throughout, that have various numbers of breakers in them, almost all have more than 6. None of these have a single shutoff.

My question is, since there is a single main outside, and each meter has its own shutoff, is there still a requirement that the sub panels have a shutoff too?


This is incorrect. The “six-throw” rule applies to the service equipment.

Or a feeder to a detached structure.

The feeder requires a disconnect even if there are six or less breakers, does it not?

No Jeff. I am referring to NEC 225.33

Got it.

Ok, Got it. Thanks guys.

I thought no covered it quite nicely. :smiley:

in a minimalist fashion it did

It did! That that was exactly what I needed. The additional info and correction was also well appreciated. :smiley: