Commercial Vrs Residential

Just had a call to inspect a 4 plex and a 13 plex apartment building. I have done many duplexes before but nothing larger. Would this be considered commercial?
Basically all the guy wants is a to do list of items that need fixing and maintenance things. Thinking of just doing my normal home inspection for him.
Your thoughts…

Nothing changes , but you get more money.

If you have insurance make sure that it will cover you for commercial. Anything from a 4 plex up is usually considered commercial.

I do have commercial G&L and E&O insurance. Now the interesting part. how to price?

Me personally I quote the first unit at full home price then a fraction price on the remaining units each example 300.00 for the first and 175.00 every unit after of course your area will also dictate pricing

Why is it “commercial” ?

(a) This rule applies to structures that are intended to be or are in fact used as residences, consisting
of from one to four (1-4) family dwelling units and their attached garages or carports.

(I have not been to CMI school, so forgive me…)

For Units I would factor the per unit price based on utility as well… such as: Water Heater vs Single Boiler, Central Heating vs Individual Heaters, Fire Place vs No Fire Place, Sub-Panels and Main Panels, Attic no Attic Crawlspace no Crawlspace… etc. The more utility or sections there is determines the the scope of work that is needed as well as Pics and this determines the longer the Writing Report is which = to chaChing
…I love the Cookie Cutter Units…

I price these based on my time. First a clear expectation set that the owner wants done.often it’s more a maintenance inspection so I figure time per unit, add universal common area time multiply by $150 per hour and add 200 for report time and travel.
Also no general inspection contract. I write up exactly what I am inspecting and a no liability Clause as I am just being paid for my expert opinion and observation

Probably zoned as commercial and will be inspected by FD.

I would come up with a scope of inspection agreement for both properties which would include what the client wants inspected and reported.

Sounds to me that the client wants a punch list of items so you would need to adjust/amend your contract to provide for that.

I agree with you George and Paul, I will not send out my standard home inspection agreement. You are correct in the inspection is strictly to develop a list of to-do items and suggest updates for safety. I still plan on inspecting the same as my standard home inspection. Does anyone want to refer me to what type of agreement to use/design?
I am charging my normal inspection fee of $300 plus $125 for each additional unit.
4 plex = 300 + 125 x 3 = $675.00
13 plex = 300 + 125 x 12 = $1800.00