Four plex

Hello all, I think I know the answer to this question but I’m not sure and for some reason I can’t find it in the statutes.

For Wisconsin home inspector (I assume most states are similar) you do not have to have a commercial inspection license to inspect an apartment in a four Plex.

My question is a potential client called me and they’re interested in buying the entire four Plex. I’m wondering if I can do the inspection for them. I am assuming that this can only be done by an inspector that has a commercial license. Is this correct or can I still do the entire building as a four Plex residential inspection?

Thank you

In the most general real estate terms, as it applies to loans, the NACHI SOP, and every context I’ve ever heard so far:

Residential is considered up to 4 units.

5 units and up,
or any commercial business with-in any unit (i.e. 3 units plus a store front in the 4th unit)
would be considered commercial.

Thank you, that’s what I remember too. Just never had a request to inspect the entire building including each apartment.