Commission Split for Multi-Firm

I recently started a multi-firm business and was seeking advice on the average commission split to avoid paying my inspectors too much and too little. An addition, what benefits should I offer as well?

How much do you think it will take to retain them? once you have taught them how to inspect, will they go off on their own?

I’m sorry to ask, but you just started your multi inspector firm and now you are asking these questions?

Do you mean to say you are still setting up a multi inspector firm?

I contacted a few multi-inspection firms for work and they pretty much pay the same thing.

  • 45% to 50% of the inspection cost. Depends if the guy gets the overflow or you get it.
  • Very few but some will supply a vehicle especially if they are pushing their brand. Inspector pay for gas.
  • Most will set the inspector as a sub-contractor.
  • Every firm will want full exclusivity on the inspector with non-compete agreement.
  • Firm supply software.
  • Inspector pay for his own insurance, association fees, education, tools etc.
  • Most have a low pay training period to learn their ways and report writing style.

I would think that if someone wants to keep an inspector long term, the inspector will eventually need a piece of the pie.

I’m sure it’s not always like that but that’s what I found from 4 different small multi or expending 1 inspector company.

Hope it helps.


Do you have a multi inspector firm?

Why on earth would be asking that JJ? :wink:

Thanks a lot David!

Very helpful

I always want to be the best at what I do. The best inspector, the best inspection company, so on. That will also be the best place to work for eventually. Included in that would be the best compensation and benifits. I will also provide a vehicle and uniforms because I am pushing a brand. I will also provide tools because I don’t want inferior tools used. Which employees that have to buy there own will by the cheapest crap they can find. If i cant provide the above i am not ready to hire or my pricea are not set correctly. JMHO

Each person is different and not all inspectors want to run their own business and all the headaches that come with it. I am finding out that more inspectors than not just want to perform a home inspection.
Hiring an inspector should not just be about finding an abled body, you should look at their personality and find out what “Floats their boat”. For example my inspection is not motivated by money. However he is motivated by being able to take time off, having a regular income as opposed to an income that fluctuates, being flexible etc…
If any of you know what a DISC profile is, then I would suggest you find inspector whose personality is a high C, high S. This is not an answer to everything, but a good start.