Multi Ispector Firms

Our business is growing and we are adding on another inspector what are the % that other multi inspectors firm pay???

Hi John,

I would suggest you talk to your accountant and/or financial advisor about this.
There is no set answer to this, it depends on your circumstance.

Seriously? They aren’t going to have a clue…

John if you ask 10 different inspectors, you’ll get 10 different answers. 30-40% is the most common answer I hear. That’s not how I pay my guys, but I like to do things different.

I have my son and another inspector that I pay 30% but really just wanted to know what the going rate was before I put on #3! Thanks!

30 percent is very common.

You’re right Juan, and wrong.
Ten inspectors won’t agree.
So why listen to them?

If you think a skilled financial advisor can’t help a client determine fair compensation that is beneficial for both parties, then you don’t know jack, Juan. :wink:

The OP’s financial situation and market are unique to them.
Compensation should be tailored to that.
Otherwise just pick a straw.

The point is, there is no “going rate”.

It all depends on what the inspector hired is doing.

How many inspectors do you have?

It depends on may factors, what expenses are you paying, what are they paying? Juan is correct the “going rate” is usually 30%. Some supply a vehicle some do not. This is all considering that the inspector is working by himself/herself. We use a team approach and the lead gets the percent and the rest are hourly crew.

Hey Jeff, if you are out there, I am paying you way too much!:smiley:

We have 2 and myself