Company that runs FL state's exam, Pearson Vue, their site has been down for a week.

I didn’t even know websites went down for that long. :roll:

No one can take their state exam.

Yikes, and I assume that’s for all the tests they provide ??

Hope they get it resolved. I was going to take the test next Saturday.


They most have took it down after they found out I passed the test. :cool:

That is what I thought! :slight_smile:

You broke it ;-):mrgreen:

What a shame. Leave it down and broken!

Licensing has been SO GOOD for everyone!:twisted:

The exam is a joke for Florida home inspectors, as I remember it… full of questions regarding heating & air conditioning equipment that doesn’t exist in Florida and nothing on wind mitigation structural components. At best it’s an overpriced, watered-down rookie quiz necessary to join A$HI.

Excellent post…what have you done to change it? Let me guess not a thing as usual. It’s all wrong, it sucks, blah blah blah…

Now what is co founder of the Distinguished Inspector Society doing? Funny I should ask. He is traveling to help rewrite the national exam and make it better and not so outdated. He is traveling to improve the test your complaining about.

Joe I personally love that your a home inspector. It is people like you that make us shine so brightly. Keep giving them less and less and you keep making the gap between services wider and wider.

I have seen you, I hope all houses in Tampa have 4 foot scuttle accesses and 5 foot high crawl spaces Because your fat *** can’t fit in a normal scuttle or crawl space. But you probably just disclose your unfit fat body can’t perform a standard and professional inspection. We understand…thanks for being you, because it is what make us, us.

God bless chubby…you’re a realtors wet dream…look important but really do nothing…

Joe writes about the NHIE:

Russell writes about the NHIE:

rookie quiz
needs to be rewritten

Hm… I agree with both of you.

Perhaps the issue is an opportunity for an enterprising association?

Or just perhaps the enterprising organization has the foresight to align themselves with the industries best minds and people who actually WANT to make a difference instead of those who complain about the way it is and do nothing…

Could not be happier with the way things are going…little by little…

All you who want licensing are nuts.

That is all.

At least when my customers look me up the won’t find a police mug shot from being arrested, it is just a friggin’ shame we can’t all be perfect citizens like you. :roll:

Speeding in a Manatee Zone and forgetting to pay the ticket…You got me? That is all you got? Really?

When your customers look at you, they think, "Man, I just got screwed out of $209 for a freaking inspection that some old, fat guy walked around and really never did anything. Didn’t go int he attic, on the roof or the crawlspace.

Next time I am going to find a guy who got caught speeding in a Manatee zone, who WALKS on ROOFS, CRAWLS through ATTICS, CRALWS all crawlspaces. Then I will get what I expect from a professional home inspector.

That Burkeson guy looks so freakin familiar, I can’t remember if he was the Oompa Loompa from Willy Wanka and the Chocolate Factory or One of the Lollypop Kids from the Wizard of OZ.

Getting old and being fat, not good for the profession and you $99 inspection is still overcharging the customer…but who knows.

Saved… :mrgreen: