fla. sat. meeting

Zoe, Thank you for saturdays Meeting. You did an outstanding job putting this meeting together. Anyone that missed this one “Missed Out”. also as is was brought up,those that can’t seam to understand the importance of licensing of home inspectors after spending,well over a $1000.00 each to become licensed and jump through all the hoops to get it done,they need to put down there coloring books and grow up!
Again,Thank You

I like coloring books. Great website by the way.

I have always objected to licensing. I can more easily compete with someone when I can tell customers that they need to compare potential inspectors based on qualifications since none are licensed. When you hand them all licenses, they are all equal in the eyes of the customers whether they have been in business for 1 month or 10 years.

Give me the choice and I will gladly forget about the money I spent getting the license.

Licensing is a waste no matter the expense, but I sure didn’t spend “well over $1000” to get mine. I believe it was under $400 +/-.

Totaly untrue. Just ask your clients. Hell, ask your self. Your going to hire a contractor (they’re all licensed) do you hire the new guy that just set up shop or do you look for some one that has experiance and a reputation?

But thats where it gets hairy…experience. What exactly is that? Look at the websites. You will see 25 years construction experience. What exactly does that mean? You drove by places being built? You swept floors at a new construction site? You served predominately construction guys McDonald Hamburgers.

Lawrence I am not disagreeing with you, but we need to understand different things happen in different places.

Here, people could care less about the price, but what they do demand is a proper inspection. I get calls ALL the time asking about PRICE. For these people they will view the LICENSE as a qualification and thus choose them. I mean they have a license and all.

So now in a market that is tight and slim, each job that comes your way, you may need to get to make ends meet. So when you talk about your 15 years as an inspector…and all the good stuff. You will get a guy who says he has 25 years experience in the construction field and he is a LICENSED HOME INSPECTOR. Its all about making yourself more than you are when starting out. Who didn’t?

So when thinking of what applies, what applies to you may not apply to others…I learned this not to long ago myself because I have only SEEN my company and its area. The member of INACHI have opened my eyes to a whole new world. Its alot different just 100 miles away from me…

Russell, that’s true. There will always be price shoppers and there will always be quality hunters too. We each need to pick which one we want to work for and market to them.

“Its all about making yourself more than you are when starting out.”

If we’re honest with ourselves its not only when starting out, to a large extent that’s what marketing is.

I agree. I have always said if your a Home Inspection Company, you will go broke. If your a Marketing Company that specializes in Home Inspections you will reap the benefits…

No you sound like Nick!

Lawrence…I like you but please please please…never say that again…:wink:

Thought that would get you. But then even he’s right some times

actually alot of times…

I agree with you on a lot of things but one thing I can tell you. When I took the nachi test last august (I think) and I wasn’t following anything so when I got the email that I had to take it to be licensed I did. Not too many people there would talk to me when they found out I was a GC as well. Test took me about 40min and I got a 93 and I didn’t study. There were people there talking crap about being “real” home inspectors for 10-15 plus years that failed. So who knows…

Preston, the difference being is your a naturally smart guy. Some of us have to work at it…

I think im sencing a little sarcasm

Not at all…really

The “construction experience” that Russell mentioned is on many websites for sure, and they push that angle hard to their prospective clients.

But, could those possibly be the ones who continually did the things wrong that we find every day?? ;-):mrgreen:

Licensing is the great equalizer in the eyes of the consumer. If I had a dime for all of the times I’ve heard a Realtor say “they’re all licensed, just pick one” I would have the new yacht I want! :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:

Man — I guess my life sucks!
I’m a Contractor - with no new homes to build!
Relatively new to the home inspection industry
Qualified for HI License through proctored exam
Qualified for Mold Assessor License through proctored exam
Considered AAA Construction School for Mold Remediator License
Have been labeled a “ConSpector”
Have horrible timing (coincidentally decided to become HI 1 month before license became law)
Am a State Licensed Independant Insurance Adjuster - But never use the license
Have taken over 200 hours of InterNACHI courses in three months - Duh
Am a prime example of all the other Bad Stuff
Nobody likes me, everybody hates me — gonna go eat some worms

According to Message Board I have no right being a HI

Owell - I never really listen to other peoples opinions if they don’t have anything nice to say anyway. I had to have my first day at some point!

Sheese, quit dancing around and tell us how you really feel already. :slight_smile:

I don’t believe any of us have said that. However, If I was a builder, tell me you wouldn’t have a lot of fun competing against me as a GC if I simply touted 20 years as a professional home inspector on my web site?

I can hear the laughs at the next GC gathering from here! :smiley: