Compensation for employees

(please feel free to message me if you don’t want any info to be public)

How are those of you who have multi-inspector business’s compensating your guys?
What kind of benefits are you offering them?
Do you require they be licensed before beginning to apprentice?
Do you supply all their tools, vehicle etc.?
What do you wish a veteran multi-inspector firm would have told you before you hired your first guy?

We are preparing to hire the right person and I want to be sure we can offer them great value. I have also heard of guys trying to start the pay to high and that not being sustainable.

Thank you in advance.

Talk to professionals…tax accountants, lawyers, etc. Good luck.

Great place to start thanks Larry. We do have a good team of professionals to work. I’m hoping to get some insight on how to set up adequate compenstion for the first inspector hire.

This might be a good place to start