Employing an Inspector

Does anyone run a multi-inspector firm and if so how do you compensate them?

George, feel free to call me on this. As you may be aware you can W2 them, make them employees but in NY you will Now need workers comp insurance and disability for the employee, which can be a good thing if added to them as a benefit. 1099, treat them as a independent contractor will work too just make sure they have proof of their own insurance naming you additional insured.

We pay them 40% of the inspection fee, pay their heath insurance, 401K, equipment and software and provide a company vehicle. You’ve got to take care of them or they’ll go work for someone else.

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Wow Linas! Not being funny, are you making any money? When we set ours up we talked to the biggest guys in the business. Fox, Sandlin, Hett. None of them pay close to that. I mean healthcare alone is $500 + per employee per month.

The two largest in the industry were 1099 for a long time, meaning no benefits or vehicles, and weren’t paying 40%. I mean if it works for you, awesome. I just don’t get the numbers, I might have to come work for you!!!

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There are some classes hitting the inspection conferences on multi-inspector soon.

We have both 1099 and employees. We can 1099 those that are truly independent and have inspectors that get a percent and have hourly crew.

Call me if you think I can help. 321-626-8153

Thanks David. I was leaning towards 1099. Was trying to get a general idea on what type of split I should offer. Thanks for the great advice!

WOW. You guys must be doing well. Think I will coming over there to work for you.

I appreciate that. Thanks for the info

I know this has been asked a bunch of times but I was looking for a recent response. I am looking to hire an inspector for the first time and have no idea what the average pay is. At this time I am not looking to pay by the hr. Do most guys pay a percentage or a flat fee? If flat fee how much do you pay per insp on average and if percentage what percentage do you pay? Just to make it fair my average single family fee is around $500. I have absolutely no experience with hiring and employing people so please take that into consideration if I ask/say something crazy.