Complete Appliance Protection (CAP) input?

Hi guys and gals,
I recieved some information today in the mail, that caught my attention.
A company called CAP Complete Appliance Protection, sent some literature
hawking their “90-Day Guarantee for Home Inspectors”.
I wanted to query the membership, asking if anyone have used their
services, and what they thought about them?
While awaiting the collective opinion of the NACHI board, I’ll investigate as best I can using their website, and other sites…

Thanks for all your help,

I just glanced at the verbage at the web site and it
does not cover structural problems.

It does not offers coverage if the closing date goes
beyond the 90 day limit.

I have not read all of the details at the site you
listed, but… it appears that American Home Warranty -
Brinks has a better coverage plan that goes beyond
their plan.

I am open to correction, if I missed something.

I like AHW - Brinks because they offer more and
it is free to the inspector (if you know the details
of how the plan works).

John, thank you for the comparisons, I will check out the AHW/Brinks thread for details on what they offer.