Complete Inspection Tool Kit For Sale! Good Deal!

I am leaving the industry after using these tools for about one year. Everything is in perfect condition.

Please see ebay listing at: SE%3AIT&viewitem=&item=220080945629&rd=1&rd=1

…or you can contact me directly at



I am curious why you are leaving the business.

Completing 200 inspections in your first year is quite an achievment.

Best of luck to you.


Thanks Dave,

Actually it was quite a good start for the 1st year. However, I relocated to another state in December and my other business is going to be much more lucrative in the new location than H.I. for now. Maybe I’ll come back to this in a couple years, but as for now, I’m in this for the $.

Reduced price !!! Must sell!! Take advantage !!! Free shipping !!!

Is this still available?

I am bringing on a new inspector in April, and he is currently looking for HI tools.

Let ne know!