Inspection Tools / Meters, etc

About 2 years ago I hired a new inspector and bought a bunch of tools, meters, etc for him to use.

He was only with me about 2.5 months and didn’t work out. After he left I put the tools, etc in my storage space and had forgotten about them until this past month.

Many of them were only used once or twice to make sure they worked. Even the things he used have LITTLE to no wear on them.

Over the next week I’m gonna start posing them for sale on here, Craigs list, Ebay or whatever. Some equipment can be shipped / Other stuff like a couple of ladders will need to go to someone close enough tp pick it up.

Watch for my posts OR if in need of something specific, shoot me an email…

Not gonna give stuff away but it will be discounted decently for fellow inspectors.

Could you post a list of the tools or send me an email? Thanks, John

John gonna make a list this week.


Send me a list.


I’d like a list also.

PM sent

Im sorry but i dont get this post at all.

If you have something for sale why not post the list first?
If you have something I wanted I would make an offer now. “Keep looking for a list in the future” is just worthless to me.

I am just getting started got any thing that can be shipped to Georgia?