Computer Information

Does any one have any thoughts or information on this .

](****.asp)[FONT=Times New Roman][size=3]]( Windows Live OneCare: All-in-one security and performance for your PC

  • Antivirus

  • Antispyware

  • Anti-phishing

  • Firewall

  • Performance tune-ups

  • Backup and restore
    Download the 90-day free trial[/FONT][/size]
    Thanks Roy Cooke

With all my other things I have done, I did not mention one last job I had was to supervise 60 computer tech’s repairing for Dell, IBM, TDSB, SDM, Ontario Justice, OPP and such.
All this stuff controls your conmputer and really slows it down.
I would get my own antiivirus , I use a free one from and the newest version of IE to control the phishing.
Adaware will remove any spyware you need to take out.
The firewall will screw you up bigtime, and the perforamnce tuneups stuff will also slow your computer down.
Try to use as little as possible of each one of these.

Thanks that what I thought I use AVG in all three of our computers .
Got hurt twice with Norton .
Roy Cooke

Norton used to be good, but now way too much overhead. And it will not address some viri. (Plural for virus)