A better Free Antivirus program

From Mark’s thread below:

AVG Free missed a major viral/trojan infection in my website, even after several scans. I believe they are no longer providing the previously excellent service for free.
After my last crash, I loaded some of my web files from my AVG-“protected” system into my son’s computer and got an instant alarm from AVAST.

Since uninstalling free AVG and installing free AVAST, I have been able to root out this insidious worm beast. For now at least. :stuck_out_tongue:

Below, a pic from that battle! I lost that one, but have won the war!

John Kogel


Hey John,

I’ve used AVAST as well before and it worked well. I don’t know if AVG has lowered their service or not, it hasn’t seemed like it. Did you upgrade to version 8 of AVG as they stopped putting out virus definition updates for version 7. I’ll have to check out AVAST and see how it’s come along. I haven’t looked at it in close to a year.

I think it was version 8 all right, fresh XP install and AVG download in April 08.
That was me trying to eliminate the worm and at that time, AVG reported all clear. Then some people kindly sent messages to the contrary, and I found that my website was crawling with scum. Turned out I was uploading corrupted files.

I reloaded XP so many times, the CD blew itself apart!

I bought a new netbook recently and turned off the Mcaffee to try out the AVG.
My laptop is strong for 3 years with Mcaffee but I hate the constant updates, so I will let you guys know how it goes.

The updates are a critical part of your defense, because these hackers and worm propagators are constantly finding ways to get past the antivirus. It’s a constant war out there. :frowning:

In fairness, I may have been running a damaged or older copy of AVG, in that it may not have been updating as often as needed, so we’ll see how you and others make out. Try a scan with AVAST.

I think I remember MacAfee being impossible for the layman to remove completely once it’s in your system? Hope turning it off works for you, Bob.

John Kogel

I use Avast, Threatfire, spybot, and Ad-Aware and have NO problems whatsoever.

McAfee’s problems is BLOAT. It slows your system down by using up way too much resources.

I know but it comes free with my Comcast internet. I have it three house computers and at least I can set when I want it to do a full scan.

I used to use AVGfree for years but got tired of it running scans everyday and slowing my system down.

Now I just st McAffee to run a full scan once a week in the middle of the might. All I have to do is remember to leave my computer on the evening before.

So far so good. YMMV :wink:

You can set AVG to run scans whenever you want. Just go into the scheduling portion of it :wink:

I believe that is only on the paid version. But I have been wrong before and will be again.

It’s in the free version of 8. I can’t remember if it was there in 7, I’m pretty sure it was.

I ran 7 for a long time. I don’t think it was there.

When I switched to 8 I didn’t go looking for a scheduling tool.

What features does the paid AVG have that the free doesn’t?

Found it. From AVGs site.

comparison of free and pro

Comparison is here: http://free.avg.com/download-avg-anti-virus-free-edition

Nothing I need :wink:

I have had others tell me that AVG is far less a user of resources and it seems to be running fine.

My McAfee is on my older laptop and drives me nuts , as it does mini scans that I have never been able to control.

I am in the middle of typing and the keys freeze while it does its thing for several minutes on a daily basis ,that I have never been able to stop on settings.

I reloaded AVG and have had no problems or slowdowns on my netbook so I may be trashing McAfee on my laptop soon.

From another thread :cool:.

Makes sense, hope you’re right.