Concrete Pier support??

Hi Inspectors,

This crawlspace does not have any insulation. I think it does. Am I wrong?

The bigger question is, do these concrete supports in the pictures look O.K. the way the joists are on them??? It looks like they are just resting on the concrete pier?

Sorry the second picture is kinda sideways!




One thread per customer please :slight_smile:


I didn’t get much responce in the other post, so I thought I should put it here on this section :slight_smile:


See the other thread, but on your third picture I noticed that the sheetmetal ductwork is not insulated. Is that standard practice in CO. In my area both supply and return nust be insulated in unconditioned spaces (ie:Crawls & Attics) and some basements

I see them more often uninsulated than insulated, Greg.