Need Help W/ crawlspace.....

Hi Inspectors,

This crawlspace does not have any insulation. I think it needs it. Am I wrong?

The bigger question is, do these concrete supports in the pictures look O.K. the way the joists are on them??? It looks like they are just resting on the concrete pier?

Sorry the second picture is kinda sideways!



I would say that this house has some definite structural issues that need a qualified foundation contractor or structural engineer to check out.

In the 1st phoot, it looks like the concrete piers don’t have any type of Simpson bracket to attach to the girders. In the 2nd photo, the concrete piers are a foot short and they used a adjustable jack support to support the girder.

Do not make any recommendation as to how to fix the problem. You are not qualified to make that determination. Defer it to the experts.

Picture 1 looks fine. Thats the way they did them here. picture 2 needs a better picture

Huh? Can’t really see the walls in the photo well enough. Also there could be exterior insulation.

No there is not a simpson bracket. They do appear to be mortared on the side to prevent lateral movement. As far a direct contact with the concrete goes, It would appear to be a rather dry crawlspace.

It looks to me like the girder is resting on the piers. Quite a few piers actually. The girder is rather dark so a quick look and one may think there is a foot of separation. The “adjustable jack” looks to me like a DWV.

Paul, whats a DWV?

the drain line

Drain, Waste, Vent = DWV

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I would recommend the insides of the foundation walls be insulated to help save on heating costs and prevent pipes from freezing.

Pier connection is not clean, hardware is always a better connection, but is it defective? Can’t tell from your photo. If you think it’s bad, SE will be a waste of money. A qualified conractor can evaluate and correct that no problem.

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In Kansas City the first picture looks totally normal and done as they’ve done them for 50 years or more. The 2nd one also looked like a DWV to me but the photo is not clear enough to tell.

As to insulation - anytime there’s none, a good IMPROVEMENT or UPGRADE comment to the buyer would be to consider installing some AND installing vapor barrier on crawl floor if not present.

Should not affect deal, because the seller will not typically negotiate on UPGRADES or IMPROVEMENTS like this in most areas.

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As far as the insulation question, it is required here in Ontario. I can’t answer that question for Colorado. We also require the crawl space to be vented.

What I say: “There is no floor insulation, which may not have been required when this residence was constructed. However, insulating the sub-floor to a minimum level of R-19 is recommended for thermal efficiency.”

I don’t make a complete lack of insulation a Summary issue in my reports (I don’t think the seller should be put in the position of having to upgrade the house for a buyer…I let the buyer know what he’s buying.) However, existing insulation that has fallen down or is damaged or missing in places, I do put in the Summary.

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In my area, the builders “usually” use CMU w/cap and then shimmed Piers, even if the perimeter foundation is poured. We are also required to vent Crawl Space area, required to install 6mil minimum Poly Vapor barrier and all cellulosic materials (wood,cardboard, etc) should never be stored in the crawl, even on the poly vapor barrier. Our Eastern Subterranean’s will eat right through vapor barrier, even through vinyl liner pools. Again, in my area, floor insulation is an option, typically not used unless the builder is building Green/Earthcraft construction.

All of the above (except for Piers) is mute if you go with a sealed vapor barrier crawl space system.

The Code/Inspection industry and the Dept. of Agriculture are having a hard time getting a grasp on this relatively new industry in the south. If you’re not familiar with this service go to