Reporting on driveway conditions

I’m inspecting at home today in which the “driveway near the end of its useful life”. I guess it might even be a little bit of a “safety hazard just because the surface is no longer smooth potentially causing a tripping hazard”. I feel like I should at least mention in the report and possibly add those two quotes. Does this seem appropriate based on the conditions shown in this picture?

I apologize for the quality of the photo, I just did an initial drive-by and will be taking more in-depth photos today.

“The concrete driveway shows heavy wear and damage commensurate with its age. The need to budget for its repair or replacement must be recognized.” I would refrain from giving an estimate on the cost as this can come back to bite you later.

Food for thought: concrete parking area pavement has a useful life of 30-40 years, depending on climatic conditions. As for the photo, I see wide-field scaling, some spalling, and that longitudinal crack. But no faults, no D cracks, no corner cracks, no pumping. Next time, look hard at the joints. Could be a fair bit of joint spalling. And with the grass at the joints near the garage, there are obviously unsealed joints.

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Better than most driveways in the northeast.

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That’s what I woudl report.

Thanks for all the input!

If someone can catch their foot and trip on it, I call it out. This is probably on 90% of my inspections. About the only times that I don’t are on brand new construction or they are completely covered in snow.

I’m with Darren and Chuck. It’s got some wear and age, but I don’t think it’s quite at or near the end of it’s useful life. It’s a bit ugly but functional (use what they said not me).

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