Concrete Scaling - Question

Question about concrete scaling.


House is less than a year old… and first winter sections of driveway are scaling.

Several other homes in the area that are less than a year old also have same driveway scaling and built by same builder.

One of the home owners had builder review driveway scaling during the 1 year warrantee and builder said it was due to road salts.

In my research
Article on concrete and chemicals. The way I read it is that chemicals should not damage the concrete if the correct mix was used. The concrete contractor should provide details of the mix that was used and evaluate the damage. Virginia Department of Transportation VDOT uses the both sodium chloride and magnesium chloride which the article states does not harm concrete with the proper mix. Do Deicers or Ice Melts Damage Concrete? — EVstudio, Architect Engineer Denver Evergreen Colorado, Austin Texas Architect

If this is correct any ideas on how to get the builder to reconsider their position on the scaling of the concrete ?