Condensate drains

See anything wrong?

060509 128.JPG

LOL That’s a first. Guess you have to be creative if no floor drain exist or did it?

Going right into the brick.

Hope they have weeps.

Is that a washer drain hose? And why is there two?

One is the primary. One is the Auxiliary.

Which is which??? That’s the main problem. The Aux. drain is not conspicuous. I see something similar to this about once a month. The owner will not know if water is in the pan because the aux. drain is not conspicuous (as required by the IRC).

I always tell my clients to have the secondary drain hose penetrating an area near the main entry door. This configuration will allow the secondary drainage piping to be monitored on a daily basis. Attic air handler installations should have the secondary drain piping installed out to the soffit area and right over the main entry door. This would drop secondary condensate right in front of the homeowner, alarming them.

This one had the safety pan drain discharging over a rear window.

A correctly installed and tested float switch may just be the only good method…

June 3 2008 003.jpg

Over a window is acceptable (conspicuous). Those residents had to know the drain was discharging condensate, but chose to do nothing about it.

This was a 3 year old model home used as a sales office the whole time.

Maybe the code should state “but not discharge over a roof or any material that could be damaged”.