Condensate in Waste Line

I can’t find anything that states the condensate cannot drain into the waste line, only it needs to drain in an “approved location”.

This is brand new construction. There is a floor drain close by. I would think the trap in the condensate would prevent sewer gas back-up, but if there were a sewer back up, then the sewage would wind up in the HVAC.

Wanted to check here before I recommend they re-route the condensate line


I believe it should be an indirect connection, much like a stand pipe for a washer.

Posed to be a indirect waste and a wet trap, what you have pictured is not a wet trap unless the furnace is a 90% and makes condensate. Your trap has no seal in the heating season thus??? its like installing a return behind the commode!!!:wink:

Cap her off and put it to the floor drain;-)

Thanks guys! The furnace may be 90% (PVC vent present), but I’d need to check the data plate to make sure. Even so, then my little trap may be a wet trap, but wouldn’t prevent sewage back up into the HVAC.

I figure if I call it out, the Builder is gonna say it’s “code”, and refuse to change it, but I’d still recommend the homeowner change it for peace of mind.


Its a up flow furnace 90% and if sewage backs up that high your gona be in deep
S H I T was the furnace in a basement or first level. Regardless it is suppose to be a indirect connection

lol, Charley, and deep S H I T is literal here! It’s in the full finished basement.

I’m gonna go ahead and call it out as improper, and suggest capping it off and running it to the floor drain, as you suggested.

Thanks for your help, as always! :smiley: