Water trap?

Condensation drain line was attached to sewer drain pipe. Call it out because of gases seeping back into unit. The remodling contractor stated " a water trap is installed to prevent sewer gas from flowing back into unit" My question- Does this look like any type of water trap that would prevent gases from seeping back into unit? Also drain line was leaking from unit itself.

You are just so pickey! :shock:


Seriously I am asking if we are seeing the whole thing or does the water flow uphill?
Need air gap and trap.

Picture is blurry but what is that grey snake going to.

Dont remember about grey snake but now i looked at it closer, looks like conduit; suppose to go back on re-inspection; the water flow is slightly downhill from unit to sewer line

Not allowed to drill and tap into sewer lines like that. Improper

What is shown in pic 1 is not a trap but just an uphill section.

It would have been a lot easier to install a condensate pump and been done:D

Its not acceptable to connect a condensate drain to a main waste line … even with a trap in the condensate line. What happens in the fall/winter when the cooling system is not running and the condensate trap water dries out … :shock:

Exactly, thanks