Condensate Removal Pump on Floor in Garage


I am having a friendly argument with my father (an inspector) who insists that a condensate removal pump shouldn’t be on the floor in the garage because, being electrically activated, can be an ignition source. Says it should be 18 inches off floor.

I asked him to provide citation of any authoritative governing body (local or adopted) or reasonably-argued article, etc. suggesting that such pumps can’t be installed on the ground or shouldn’t be.

My brief searches lead me to assume that such a note in an inspection report wouldn’t have any such backing. He suggests it is common sense.

Your thoughts? :slight_smile:

Where is the golf cart battery charger? Where is the refrigerator motor? Does the metal garage door have metal parts rolling across each other that could produce a spark? Are there extension cords coupled along the floor?

The garage isn’t a paint spray booth. The only thing regulated is the water heater. You win.

It can be installed on the floor but if in Washington State, Home Inspectors must then " Report as a fire hazard the presence of any ignition source (gas and electric water heaters, electrical receptacles, electronic air cleaners, motors of installed appliances, etc.) that is within eighteen inches of the garage floor."

Whether anybody will do anything about it is another story.

The ignition height of any gas-fired appliance is also regulated in the IRC.

And the water heater source you refer too (applies to both gas and electric)

Of course, the condensate pump is neither of those, but an inspector could argue from a safety perspective (though not a code issue) it poses a similar risk.

FWIW: I wouldn’t mention it.