Garage Water Heater Question

I was visiting a friend in Florida, just outside Orlando, last week.

I noticed that the gas water heater was sitting on the floor with a drip tray under it.

I was under the impression that gas water heaters had to be 18" off the floor
when installed in a garage. Is this true?

Why would anyone put a drip tray under the heater in a garage?

Just curious

The burner or source of ignition does.

To direct the potential overflow elsewhere?

The newer units have a sealed compartment for the ignition source. Many of the AHJ’s are allowing these units to be set on the floor. That might be what you saw in Orlando.

The drip tray was added so that we could confuse the hell out of all of the Canucks that visit.

Here’s the proper installation of a W/H in a garage.

“Click to Enlarge”


Thats what I thought but Greg is the Code guy.

I can see the point of a drip tray in an attic or closet but the garage seems a little over the top. Oh well. :roll:

Thanks for the input


PS His car is grey, or is it gray

I believe another reason for the fuel burning device to be raised above floor is to help protect it from mechanical damage

That’s ONE proper installation of water heater in a garage…but there are also other proper ways of installing them in a garage…

David what source do you use for your illustrations