Condensor Condensate?

Inspected 2 condensers side by side today. One condenser showed no signs of moisture inside or around the unit. The other one had a puddle of water inside it and a wet foundation and soggy ground around it. The secondary drain lines for both units were on the other side of the home (primary drain lines connected to fixtures inside the home). I assumed this was condensation- couldn’t see any source of water to cause it. Anybody have any ideas what could cause this. Both units were Goodman and I ran both at the same time for the same duration.

Heat pump in defrost cycle, most likely.


It wasn’t a heat pump.

It would typically be condensation from the refrigerant line, but yesterday was cool with low humidity, so excessive condensation is unlikely, but the only possibility with the A/C condensing unit as the source. Could it have been from another source? Did you trip the TPR valve? Was the secondary condensation drain overhead? …

How did the units set in relationship to the roof drip line was there guttering installed with possible gutter leak???