Conditioned attic concerns

Okay this is apparently an attempt to condition an attic space in a 130 year old home.
They put batting both faced and unfaced between the rafters with those having facing towards the living space.

The floor has insulation under the boards and they added heat vents into the space as well.
There are two windows at the gable ends plus. several roof vents(darn did not check if blocked).
What should be my suggestion here for tearing down ,adding,removing what?

Bonus picture shows 2 heat flues against the insulation.

Had the sellers rep glued to my side arguing on every issue or would have removed more batting as they had sistered many rafters from a past fire but the guy even stuck like glue in the attic .



you obviously already have an inclination, what are you thinking?
others will tell you if you’re on point or way off base

(what is printed in RED on the kraft paper facing?)

why do you think agents rarely have all parties concerned in the same room?

Thanks for the questions but I need answers Barry.:slight_smile:
The insulation had a R38 rating.
Please bear in mind you are in Texas vs us Northern states.

To me this attic is not successfully conditioned nor vented.
Since it is not being used a living space and my purchase would remove the batting and insulate the heating vents but there are many guys here who specialize that can help me draw up a concept of how to complete the attempt .

Hoping for a few ideas here.

Batting should face the inside if the attic is warm and floor insulation removed I am thinking. Do not see how to add stud baffles as this is gable windows with no soffit vents .
Help please.

It looks to me more of an attempt to hide fire damage than to “condition” the attic.

Large % of insulation is installed incorrectly, floor and ceiling.

Majority of fire damage is hidden which prohibited you from determining how serious it is.

Consult with a framing carpenter and insulation contractor.

Thinking that also Chris.
Now no ideas on my actual question ? or am I the only conditioned attic expert. lol

get off the conditioned attic space koolaid
tell the client what you saw & incorrect insulation & duct material installations
furnish them your expertise info on conditioned attic space

imo & what i’ve seen nearly impossible on a 130 yr old shaq
even more modern retros seldom pass the requirements for conditioned space

was this balloon framed?

Start over. To properly condition an attic space many steps must be done correctly, including sealing the floor and insulating exterior walls.

From what I can see removing all of the insulation, sealing openings in floor, blowing in 15", or more, insulation, replacing windows with gable vents, would be best option for this house.

Or like I mentioned, consult with an insulation contractor for alternatives.

Sounds good but should they not leave floor insulation out if becoming part of the envelope. ?

Turning in report in the morning however here is what I have for the general attic section.(structure is another section in reference to the rafters).

Attempt to condition attic space done incorrectly.
Recommend professional insulation company finish job and covert back to vented attic space or finish the job with proper vapor barrier placement.

Like Barry said it would be almost impossible to condition an attic in that era/style of house. So there is no “envelope”.

So insulating floor and ducts, not ceiling /roof, is best alternative IMO.

Missed your other question,no not balloon but brick.

Yeah the 2 units above the crawl (another story with vapor barrier on at one side 1/2 only due to brick support wall running front to back)and stylish exposed brick .

At that age most likely Balloon , Bob keep it simple. Insulation installed wrong, recommend review and correction, framing burnt recommend review . If it is all covered more serous issue could be present.

BTW was the duct insulated ?


you may want to have a chat with Michael Thomas

Already mentioned it is "not insulated,not balloon,duct not insulated.
Anyone read my posts? :slight_smile:

Raise all the supply ventilation and add barrier insulation between and over ceiling joists. Use roxul as it is fire proof. Do not vapor any of the ceiling as older homes need to breath. As for the roof being that dark I agree it may have compromised the roof structure.
This is not an easy repair as it requires both Ventilation,Insulation and HVAC contractor to correct.

I’d say you’ve got it covered right here Bob. Are you wanting to give them more? (I’m assuming you’ve got a CYA for the burnt members already in there somewhere?)



Yep sure did but was hoping someone more interested in insulation methods could give me a proper way to condition the space at minimal cost with batting vs how they did it.

With and without baffles,worikng around lack of soffit vents,etc.Personally find the building science site very dry so just wanted a few tips .

Bet I should have posted this at thermal but yes I covered it in 3 of my report sections.

Roof/attic…Structure/roof structure…Insulation. post note: Heating/flue…Heating/ducts