Conditions during inspections

Just thought I would share a few of my latest inspections.

On Saturday I arrived at my inspection and in the home where 2 very large angry dogs. The sellers where not home. I was on the roof as they arrived and spoke briefly to the owners. They took the dogs away for the inspection.

Now after completion of the inspection and as I was gathering my equipment the sellers pull in. The dogs are in the car. As I walk by the car the idiot seller decides to open the door. Sure enough the large angry Doberman bites me right in the behind. I was so pissed at the idiot seller I called him an *** hole at least 10X. The bite still hurts as I sustained a puncture and gash, but no blood. When I went back for the radon monitor I clearly stated I wanted the dogs and the sellers not to be there. Well the dogs were gone but the seller was there. No apologies at all. Man, I could of sued these *** holes.

Now yesterday it is raining fairly hard and I ask the seller to open the garage with the automatic opener so I can use it for some cover in the rain. She gives me this rolled eye look an tells me the service door is open. It was not so I just used my truck after I walked the house and did the roof. I was thinking Jeez lady I just want to use the garage for a few minutes to dry off.

Seems like the sellers are messing with me. Now out of my last 20 inspections only these 2 where occupied.

Lets see a dog bite and a good soaking. I enjoyed the rain. It was warm and I could see the gutters all leak/pond and in the attic the roof leaked like a sieve.

Just thought I would share.

Maybe you should.

Hopefully the seller has liability insurance.

These claims are often settled quickly.

Talk to your lawyer and ask him.

You should at least report the dog bite.

Nature of the beast.

The more tempting thing might be to go to the truck, get the 9mm and eliminate the biting machine. :wink:

It only took one bite for me to learn. I now carry pepper-spray for protection against dogs (it’s illegal to carry my 9mm in CA). The red stain on the dogs face has angered some owners, but I explain that the trip to the groomers will be much less costly than the suit I’ll be filing for a dog bite. . .

Negligent dog owners should never be allowed to escape their consequences.

In 1992 I was conducting an inspection and was bitten by a small dog. I reported it to the police. It turned out I was the 4th person to be bitten and the dog was removed from the home.

I suggest that you report the dog bite.

Exactly what Frank said.

Amen Jeff
I never leave home without the spray-- only used it once.

You may not be able to carry your 9mm, but have no fear. Soon, Ahnold will let you get the dog stoned with legalized whacky tobaccy. ;-):D:D

Mellow Mutts!

Walk tall and carried a big stick

Ohio has laws as do most states…