Better days

I just thought I would share some positive inspections.

I was called by the listing agent the day before warning me that the sellers where very difficult.

It turns out they where very nice and where enjoyable to be around. Even there yapping dog was ok once I petted here.

I have had numerous difficult inspections and when the realtor called I figured I was in for some more problems.

The inspection was enjoyable as most are.

I especially enjoy when yor walking with the clients/realtors and you see something on the outside. Like a torn chimney cap.

You start talking about birds possably blocking the flue and when you go down to the basement and open the clean out you find a family of birds and feathers flying all over.

It is also cool when you can remove a picture and point out a sub paneland everone is amazed that you could find this so easily.

The weather has been great this winter where I can actually walk roofs and see the exterior.

Seeing that drainage can be a big liability.

How would you report the previous repairs to the drain tile extension.(See photo) I did report about the concrete negetive grading and cracking.

The basement walls where covered with paneling & excessive storage.

Any newer inspectors please cover your a… on basement drainage.

I really make sure I point out that I CANT SEE THE DRAIN TILES.


That is a damned poor cement job. Did you notice the concrete has pulled away from the house under the window. (I’m sure you did.) It’s really hard
to tell by the photo, but that sure looks like a water trap. See the moss?
Indicates moisture. I think someone tried to cover the huge crack with a thin shell of concrete.

That appears to be a dryer vent terminating at the basement window.Condensation from that vent could also be the source of moisture helping to produce the moss.
Although HI’s are note code inspectors code does not allow a dryer vent to discharge directly over a walkway.I believe this is because of the safety issues created …slippery surfaces,ie. moss and ,in cold regions, ice.


The vent is for a basement range hood vent. The dryer vent was at another window that was being blocked by a screen.

The driveway was in about the same condition as the patio. Buyers never like to hear that there is a large sum of money to repair/replace concrete.

But I sure dont want to be the one to pay for it.

Those repairs at the downspout appear to be a leak waiting to happen.

I must have stated 3 or 4 times the problems that can occur.