Condo gong show, How should I go about mending this one?

**Have two of these units in a 70’s condo. The smell of mold off of the units is so strong that it has not gone away after having every single window open all summer. Radiator has been sweating heavy the entire summer months for 30 years now causing this to happen:

Could I reline everything in AYR-FOIL?

How does one go about replacing the insulation?

Does it even need it seeing it is all inside?

How bad is this situation really?

Appreciate the help because the management here will not help me any and they said the building inspector ran off to Puerto Valharta with 2.3 million in owners monies! **

This is a two pipe system with hot and cold water brought in through pipes and is then circulated through the living unit by a blower and duct system.
You may have one duct facing a bedroom and another facing the living room in most layouts.

You must live in a 2 bedroom apartment high rise I am guessing.

If you have ac it is when they run chilled water through the pipes and determined by management according to the weather when they switch over.

The pictures you are showing are the insulation which can be removed and replaced if need be however it is rare to find mold in the compartments and I do not see a picture of the bottom blower compartment .Do you or rather does management come around twice a year to change the filters ?

Need more information as that is all I can tell from pictures and no locations ,etc.

P.S that tray under the coils with the hose is for condensate from the Ac so is the drain clear ?

Chillers are bad about growing mold in them. I got a very large hospital client that is battling it now. There is no easy answers. You just need somebody who knows about chillers and somebody who knows about mold to look at it. My hospital client might have to rip out the entire chiller system out and put in air handlers (I am in a rural area, where this is more feasible), and at the same time remove the mold under containment. Not cheap at all.

James that is not the chiller he is showing.

No blockages in the drain pipes. What would a technician replace the insulation with? Exposed fur wouldn’t be done today would it?

Does this have to be insulated, why didn’t they externally insulate this?

That type is usually internally insulated.
It is actually a cabinet as the water pipes flow through and vents are connected directly to the unit terminating at the ceiling area straight above the cabinet.Horizontal runs do not occur.

Note this pictured below is a 4 pipe system also known as an Ambient system with a supply and return run for both hot and cold you end up with 4 shutoffs.
This allows a day where hot and cold water can be run through a compartment the same time.

Great for those hot days and cold nights.

Observe the cabinet door and how it also has insulation.
Totally normal for this type.

My technician says he will install R6 Radiant foil duct wrap around the handler. Is this the best material for this application?

Where I am at, anything that runs chilled water is a chiller. What is the correct terminology than?