Condo Inspection

Anyone out there have good advice on inspecting Condo’s? This is my first one and I wanted to make sure I do a good job. I guess my concerns would be looking at or locating water heaters/boilers located in common utility rooms, heating and A/C units either located in the unit or outside/roof, leaking plumbing, doors/windows.

Are they a concern if they are owned and maintained by the HOA? I heard some inspectors look at and include photos/comments and some do not. I would think to just verify ownership/responsibility and include photos/comments weather it’s owned or the HOA’s responsibility, but you never know??? Thank you!


Just like a home inspection, except we add a clause that common areas are excluded and any comments about them are made as a courtesy and should be brought to the attention of the HOA. Be sure that if you need to access the roof that everyone is aware, some people want you to sign a release and access usually has to be given by maintenance/management.